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Acute noise injuries can cause both temporary and permanent hearing loss. Sudden exposure to loud noises causes injury to the hair cells in the lower portion of the cochlea, the part of the ear responsible for picking up high frequency sounds. This injury can result in sounds seeming to be muffled, ears feeling “full” and a diminished ability to hear high-frequency sound. A person with an acute noise injury might also experience ringing in the ears. While symptoms usually resolve within one to two days, a particularly bad injury could cause such severe hair cell damage that at least some of the hearing loss will be permanent.

Chronic noise exposure, while seemingly less traumatic, can actually cause more permanent hearing damage. It occurs over an extended period of time, as a result of continued exposure to repetitive, loud, noises such as construction work or heavy machinery in operation. As repeated noise exposure occurs, small noise injuries build up, first damaging, then killing hair cells, resulting in permanent and irreversible hearing loss.

We will work with medical experts, certified life care planners and economists to determine the exact nature of your hearing injury and the anticipated life time costs. Then we will aggressively pursue full compensation for the damages you have suffered, including pain and suffering; current and future medical expenses; physical, occupational and vocational rehabilitation; lost income and loss of future earning capacity; property damage and more.

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