Drug Injury Lawyers in Central Texas and Waco

Drug Injury Attorneys
Many drug companies fail to warn consumers about dangerous side effects. Drugs can also be contaminated, defective or sold with misleading marketing. If you or a loved one has been harmed as a result of a bad drug injury, you should contact a personal injury lawyer about your potential drug claim. The consequences of bad drugs can include: (1) birth defects; (2) kidney or liver failure; (3) heart attack or stroke; and (4) cancer. Although every case is different, you may be compensated for damages including: (1) medical treatment cost; (2) loss of income and earning potential; (3) pain and suffering; (4) mental anguish; (5) disfigurement; (6) wrongful death of a family member.

The following personal injury attorneys at Dunnam & Dunnam engage in drug injury lawsuits: